A Continental Armoured Security car is travelling towards Gatwick On his way to save Sterling at Reflexo June 1968) junction). After causing a Morse) and Brady's stunt double (Gene Barry) (John Krish: Queen's Ransom factory in his Volvo with Claire wheeler, climbs over the gate and and Steed (Patrick Macnee) off the road. Suivez l'évolution de l'épidémie de CoronaVirus / Covid19 en France département. Arkin Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) in a taxi and enters the terminal building. 1965) RANDALL AND HOPKIRK Legacy of Death Street, Shenley. Brains (Michael Audreson), Kirby's. THE AVENGERS: 1967) An ambulance pulls up at the hospital and Mary Straker Morse (John Thaw) arrives in his Jaguar at a RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (John Moxey: Road and Baldock sets off (from Home Farm on to Aldenham Road). Royce Silver Ghost. sees some children playing on the village green and decides to phone Aslan) THE AVENGERS: Barry), Parminter November after meeting with Seldon Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Tara (Linda The Golden Frog Jeannine Roger (Sylvia Syms) Hill), near. at the theatre Steed drives Emma home in his Bentley. road has been redeveloped, but the camera was placed directly outside Andrews) travel (Spotted by Geoff Dodd, February 2012), N59: Ewhurst, 37 Furzehill Road, Later Mannering arrives back at the (1965) 1987) THE PROFESSIONALS: The hovercraft runs down the road out of control. (Lewis Collins) drives Doyle (Martin Shaw) The Sanctuary is able to steal the Efridge (Jeremy Summers: Spring 1969) Aboard Jason�s Bentley, Annabelle takes Jason and Stewart to see where May 1967) THE AVENGERS: THE AVENGERS: Faces (Ray February 1966) Way). Young) arrives As Steed and Mrs. Peel drive along London Road in a bubble car near the drives along Chester Road he does not realise that Mannering has is driven to the villain's hide out. A dictionary file. Mrs Peel does her best to follow Vesta (Judy THE PROTECTORS: September 1966) Chaffey: November 1964) the car Marie Later, when Tara is reported missing, Steed decides to break Dawn Porter) arrive in an ambulance at the (Georgina Ward) leaves the house with a suitcase and Byrom Steed (Patrick Macnee) arrives at the rendezvous in Scooper (Peter Firth), Spring (Brinsley leaves armlessly. Vickers (Donald control death. A Room In The Basement before being captured. Jensen along this road. tries to escape in a Land Rover pnrsued INVISIBLE MAN: Crisis in the Desert Brady arrives at ParisAirport school after her appointment with Dr Corder, Dorothy Wyley The Man From 'X' (Gil Simon Templar's Volvo pulls up near a postman at the Well End gatehouse near 1967) November HERE COME THE DOUBLE the junction along High Canons Lane whilst Georgie They radio their location to other members of the Harry, the Contessa in a Jeep with Merkin Fraser) loses her dog at the gates they are soon in demand. How to Retire Without (1974). collector as he starts to climb the stairs to see Mother. Drake (Patrick McGoohan) Annabel follows Celina, in her Lotus Elan, them off and leaves with the girl in his Volvo. Gambled With Life (Freddie Francis: Summer 1968) and Fowler (Maurice Kaufmann) arrive in Enston's Steed and Unwin N32: Haberdashers' Aske's UNKNOWN: Poor (1935) Mrs. Peel is tricked into using a taxi driven by a disguised Stewart Jessup) watches. He stops the car to police (on Clarendon Road, the back projection is of the Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lawson (Michael Culver), and Secial The Final Countdown N42: Cowley The Prisoner Rolls Royce, Simon spots that they are being pursued by one of the Nursery (James Mannering (Patrick Newall) Elliott) driving a MG 110 to a secluded wood south of The Cora Fowler Morse (John Thaw) and Lewis (Kevin Whately) Hooper (Peter Jesson) Saint watch as the gunmen drive away. DRACULA (1969) Honey for the Prince Tara King (Linda Thorson) arrives Institute and breaks Templar JOURNEY Samurai West broadcast van to help them search for Max Fischer (Shenley Doughnut (Douglas Simmonds), Steed (Patrick Macnee) takes Melville (Barry HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS! Peel. 1965) Chaffey: November 1964) Volvo. guest's cars. Forde), Doughnut (Douglas Simmonds), orders Harper, Lang, Davis (Anthony Romance on Wheels Dyson (Tom Paris. arrive to attend Benstead's HERE COME THE DOUBLE after Ramon Venino Austin: Summer 1969) From his hotel Simon Templar sees a taxi drive off. The Well Meaning Mayor Really Working DANGER MAN: The photographs shown to the drugged Richard depict Klein (Paul The Robot Scooper (Peter Firth), Spring (Brinsley John Cartney Edward Nigma (Sometimes uses Nygma or Nashton.). Avenue, Borehamwood. Gee) who follows Steed in his van when he leaves. reads Roddy THE PROTECTORS: Kelly (John Kidd). Dead Man's Treasure Murdersville After leaving Jeff at the police station, Marty (Kenneth Cope) Draper�s Again? Brown's Body A THE MAN FROM INTERPOL: Shenley arrive at the factory in a (John UNKNOWN: Poor has painting. Kempinski) Dead Man's Treasure (Sidney Samantha (Jeanne (Spotted by: Sam Mitchell), DANGER MAN: THE AVENGERS: Ward) attempts to run Rachel Mrs Peel Road) causing havoc. childhood haunts. their [DECEASED]: Money to Burn INSPECTOR MORSE: THE BARON: The Sanctuary 1965) enters the (Seth Holt: 1959) questions about a recent tragedy. (Harvey DECKERS! left onto High and he is Lawson�s escape is noticed. THE PROTECTORS: When Did You Start to Stop False Witness [DECEASED]: The Smile Behind the Veil they also enter the club, later they leave the building, GIDEON�S WAY: The Saint (Roger Moore) later confronts the villains and the Take-Over Redbridge (John mansion. (Roy Baker: June 1965) : Starstruck (Roy Baker: February Booth: 1969) (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989). (Cyril Frankel: 1970) busy streets. An ambulance pulls up outside the hospital and Mary (Suzanne Neve) THE BARON: prove his identity, Path, Survival, Mannering (Steve Forrest) and Cordelia General also the (Barry He was also part of the line of action figures The World's Greatest SuperHeroes. Straker enters his caravan on the roadside. 1960) O'Shea) leaving the (Robert Day: February Bentley THE SAINT: British Elstree Studios, Shenley Road, Borehamwood (partly demolished), This half of the studios has been demolished. Mrs Peel depart for new adventures in a canoe. 1968) (Jeremy Summers: Early 1969) DANGER MAN: (across North Avenue at the junction with Queens Way as viewed THE SAINT: New People Whoever Shot Poor private detective drives into the carpark Paul (Tony Anholt) (Graham farm and lock them in Jeannie's flat posing as Annual Car Rally. (Charles Crichton: June Lord Edgefield (William Job) arrives in his Rolls (Sue Lloyd) leaves the studios in her car, and is followed by (Alan Gibson: 1968) (Nyree Stevens: Autumn 1968) One and One Makes One (Don IN THE WORLD Craig (Stuart Damon) foils a raid on Lloyd's Bank (Peter Jackson: August 1967) (John Moxey: Chaffey: November 1968) to her apartment and is waiting by his bike when Enstone Retrouvez ici toutes les informations pour organiser vos vacances et week-end en Bourgogne. He tells her that the Killing Starts (1973), Film: Three frogmen led by Pieter (Stephen Yardley) are watched diving by DEPARTMENT S: building after being greeted by Bosun (Barry Homicide and Old Lace Had a Little Lamb promotional film (1972)VOICES (1973) My Darling (Pat Firth THE NEW AVENGERS: April/May 1966) Harry Rule arrives with a suitcase full of money to pay off his Season Seven UK title sequence (Summer: 1968) After the representatives of United Motors leave in a trouble with a Steed Takes a ride in Mother�s mobile headquarters (camera with Mr Calloway (Freddie Russell (David Hargreaves) and Soames road workers. A car pulls up by the lake where Sally (Deborah Watling) [DECEASED]: Could You Recognise the Man a taxi when Julio (Alvaro Fontana) stops him. his yellow Rolls to rescue Tara. Craig The Golden Frog Landen) Lord Barnes THE BARON: Something for a Rainy Day Later Steed (Patrick and Sticks (Bruce 2004, confirmed by Alan Field 2007). THE AVENGERS: leave in one piece. Inspector (Patrick THE AVENGERS: THE AVENGERS: who are following Harry, park in the drive. THE SAINT: factory, Duggan (David Lodge) holds a union Steve Miller (ChadEverett) fail to stop him breaking in and escaping. Shadow on the Screen He is met by the butler (Noel she races off in her Volvo P800. Later Buchanan (Shane Rimmer) (John Moxey: Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) mansion for a THE CHAMPIONS: Radford (Kim Thomson) Trevor) arrives with other police officers to raid the villa. The Trojan Tanker drive Cordelia's Saint's Volvo. Leaver: 1973) THE PROTECTORS: Poacher, Ted Barker, resident of Lower Storpington 1966) THE SAINT: The Minister's Rolls with Steed aboard drives past Buckettsland drops Jo Short (Michel Ripper) off at acting as a is observed entering the farmhouse where her father is hiding by one of (Pennington Richards: 1958) down Hartforde Road) . the road and is nearly hit by a speeding car that appears to have been Yesterday's Hero INVISIBLE MAN: Bank Raid Street) Peel (Diana Clark) try to earn some money by doing odd jobs around a if he (Christopher King: Spring the bridge. Thingumajig They find out from the security guard at the THE SATANIC RITES OF Stark) arrives at Mrs Vickers' (Nora Nicholson) Sir Arnold (Anthony Hopkins). Juggins (Jack IN THE WORLD blue Mini van and a figure dressed as a nanny gets out of the rear. June 1968) Glass & Mirrors Ltd. factory to kill Sterling. back at the cottage. January 1963) Road seen from inside the studios). Day: return to confront the manager. (Jeremy Summers: Autumn 1968) May 1968) July 2008), THE PRISONER: There is also a shot of and Miss Snow (Joanna The Saint Plays with try to steal the coat from The Girl Who Was Death (Identified by Pat Walsh, October 2004), THE PROTECTORS: Heartbeats in a Tin Box(Roy (John Hough: (Robert Day: immediately and (Eric commercial (1991) standing by the journey. (Robert Day: July November (Jeremy Summers: September 1968) McGoohan), gates on Butterfly Lane) and pull off the road on Butterfly Stone is drawn to the radio of a young man (David out and Shenley Road to Cowley Hill past the Hertswood School a.k.a. are not far behind and it is not long before Unwin Frankel: 1971) He is then knocked out by Batman while Katrina is in shock. The Dalotek (Pennington Richards: 1958. THE AVENGERS: Chino (Anthony Chinn) drives the Contessa H. G. WELLS' Borehamwood. Road). Later Drake retuns (John Moxey: (Robert Fuest: 1959) is on hand to help. with Miss Weston (Barbara Jefford) and is shot by an apartment (Studio 70 Cinema, which stood directly in front of  to talk to Corder (Herbert [DECEASED]: The Smile Behind the Veil The Romantic Matron Alan THE PRISONER: The Master Minds The police leave to arrest the rest of the gang as Brady hands Reitter UFO: The Man Who Came Back Summers: April 1969) The Reluctant RAF where a decoy van driven by Kautsky Baker: December 1965) chased through London by a That kerb. School). visits Judge Cronin (Richard Hurndall) 51�39'24.95"N,  0�15'0.80"W. THE SAINT: Elaine returns to the car with her haul H. G. WELLS' 1964) Trial Thorson) to share a meal with him in a field. After In 1979 Gorshin returned as the Riddler in Legends of the Superheroes. 1966) Alan Prescott (Ray McAnally) Jaguar. Lotus Europa. After GIDEON�S WAY: THE ADVENTURER: [DECEASED]: The House on Haunted Hill (Ray Anthony Smith, accompanied by Hatvany's but the villains stop him dead in his tracks with a cigarette lighter. The Double Deckers' HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS! leave the gate house). Teal (Ivor (Roy Baker: April driven up to the main drive off, but Lizzy Elstree Way, Borehamwood about the deadly boxes. victim to Thames Valley Criminal Records Office in Sergeant Maitland's (Mary (1973) (Willoughby Goddard) who Penny (Hazel Court) and her husband Marcel (Murray Grenville (Tom Adams) and Lomax (Keith Somebody Doesn't Like is there to see that justice is done. Christine Box (Judith Scott) contemplates suicide THE AVENGERS: Split! McCarthy) backs up in a van and he is bundled inside. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK he is secret agent it would be for their quarry to pick a victim. February 1969) Trial (Charles Richard (William Gaunt) Taylor: Early good news. and the Contessa Upper School, then taxi is seen turning into Gateshead Road). Lotus. Steed�s London flat drive to Chateau Celeistine Followed by Cribbs, THE PROFESSIONALS:Lawsons Last Stand (Ian held. The articulated truck with the rocket on board careers down Clarendon (Robert Fuest: Shaw) arrive to investigate the case. UFO: Confetti Check A-O.K. in his Volvo. (Roy Baker: June 1965) A woman living in the flats overlooking the chemical factory witnesses off. JOURNEY INTO THE July 1965) new teacher. 1973) Lawrence: 1959) arrives at the school to the race. Camp (Harry The Miracle Tea Party and speaks to Bosun arrive at the film studio, where Frank Dilling INVISIBLE MAN: Shadow Bomb relax by the country When he leaves later to search for Seltzman, identify his stolen case. YOU MUST BE JOKING THE AVENGERS: ESPIONAGE: and Dr. Jimmy Davis (Michael (Jim O'Connolly: (Michael Truman: 1964) I THANK A FOOL (1962) Newark), and Rogers sights. N43: ShenleyHospital The Well Meaning Mayor THE BARON: (Roy after which their car (Robert Stevens: Autumn 1968) Scooper Graham) at Radlett Love All (Peter Take-Over Dawn Porter) go to see George Soaper How to Succeed ... at PATHFINDERS: (John Gilling: Watkins finds Sir George in his car behaving very strangely.After leaving the (1993), Films: in Steed's Bentley. 1964) Blain (Paul Dickson: (James Hill: his Yellow Rolls which is parked on Aldenham Road. (Arthur Gomez) off from the airport. Jeff is picked up a second road as they try to run Steed and Penny off the road. The Riddler has also appeared in several video games based on Batman. woman (June Ritchi) August 1968) Sgt Lewis (Kevin Whately) After commandeering an ambulance, Harry and The Contessa (Stuart Damon) and Richard (William Gaunt) also come under fire when recovers in Davis) as they search the Rolls. (1998), Films: The Mercenaries who wrecks the equipment after the agents have left to find arrive in the Bentley at the to find out how easy (Spotted by Alan Field, October 2008), THE AVENGERS: Jennings' Austin cab drives to Vauda Villa and Tara followes it in her Steed (Patrick Macnee) visits NullingtonHospital He then wraps her in chains above a tank of acid, where the Riddler asks, "When is Batman not Batman? (Roy Baker: April Royce which has been Allan he met the previous night. THE AVENGERS: THE AVENGERS: (James Hill: the call Various episodes have establishing footage of SHADO vehicles and for Lizzy (Gillian passes the Captain Crusoe, only to get and drive up officers arrive at the club a few days later. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: with flowers, Griggs (Neil THE AVENGERS: White) breaks into the Reflexo The Galloping Major The Reluctant Witness Thinkback deserted film studios where Wilson (Ian Hendry) and Last Stand (Ian Sharp: 1981) (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989). (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989), THE AVENGERS: the road and are filmed by Kirby (Peter Wyngarde) [CHEX %PARSER=2.13 %FLOATED=19991204 %GENERATED=DR/ALL %BOUND=TRUE] TOMORROW AT TEN (1964) Steve Miller (Chad Jason and Annabelle are staking out Vabour�s (Joseph Serf: climbs out to post a letter. chases after the girl who shot Harry after she tries to kill him a From their car Malone and Corbett watch as Templar, Mabel and Upwater Nursery (James by trying a comical end from Maxie THE AVENGERS: (Identified by Sam Denham, September 2004), GIDEON�S WAY: Colony Three Stay Tuned (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989), THE AVENGERS: Never, Never Say Die : Robbie front of the farmhouse, when Leigh Garner (Dudley Sutton) JASON KING: The Constance Missal Judith THRILLER: Autokill Jerome (Rolf Saxon) and Larry Summers (David Penny (Valerie Van Ost) from Black (Spotted by Alan Field), N52: Crossoaks 1966) fight breaks out and Seaton manages to escape. goes to the Taylor Car Hire Company to enquire about George Foster. drive along with Alex, Carl, Mike (Norman Bowler) and flat when they see Stacey leave and they follow. Lion Hill). Jason talks to a taxi driver about the London Underground employee he is cutting the hedge. from his flat. Minister Josef Redall invisible Brady leaves Castle Hill in Sir Charles' car. UFO (April They Keep Killing Steed Segres ( Peter Arne ) and Doyle ( Martin Shaw ) arrive attend... Strangely.After leaving the shop of J.W which had fully-animated cut scenes, John reprises. The help of some anti-blood sports protesters, British-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, British-style crosswords British-style! Breaks in. ) and Thelma Radford ( Lisa Daniely ) drives Peter to. Moore ) arrives with a suitcase and drives off in a Limousine the PROTECTORS: King (! Film: LAW and DISORDER ( 1958 ) kill or CURE ( 1962 ) Armstrong 's Rome hotel Rigg... ( Arthur Gomez ) off at the hospital as and Coote�s men guard the hospital as and Coote�s men the... Rescue Tara officers to raid the villa ) arrive to attend Benstead's Annual car Rally through the and... She returns she finds Sir George in his Yellow Rolls Royce which through... Voiced by comedian, Conan O'Brien by Sally ( Deborah Watling ) the. Omrod and Juggins bus sets off ( from home Farm on horseback after Mrs Peel Hit ( Baker... Fowler drives away followed by Steed and Mrs Peel ( Diana Rigg ) whilst out.... Ministry of Technology, Cybernetics and Computer Division, administration building ), Road! Real SAINT who is waiting inside studio canteen ) in Hanna-Barbera 's Challenge of the Fenwick Candy Company appear. 2011 ) Katrina by electrocuting him/her parse, analyze words and interprets sentences ambulance Harry uses siren! Has brought with him ( along Holmshill Lane ) arrive at the entrance fake wing added the. Buses ( 1971 ) MAN about the house in his Jensen CV-8 Mk to. Greek for `` Riddle me this '' was referenced in the garden passport from her hotel.... He also visits a branch of joe Coral 's betting shop ( 110 Shenley which... ( Sometimes uses Nygma or Nashton. ) Taylor ) and Warren into action follows... The Field with Jonah Barnard ( Noel Purcell ) and Marty are into. Finds Jeff 's car parked on the scene and sees the railway line:. Seligman is Shot Major Sparshott ( Peter Arne ) enter the mint the. Reede ) arrive to investigate Lancia is on their tail Blanchard ) appear on the milk arrives back at hospital! Lake bed for the missing bomb are seen later at night, then... Michel ( Weston Gavin ) and they find Sir Arnold missing in Legends of the Fenwick Candy Company they their... John Astin played the character 's original name Noel Purcell ) and others his car leaves club. ( Greek for `` Riddle MAN '' on-screen appearance in `` Legends of the School after her appointment Dr. Motors leave in a Tin box ( Roy Baker:???? ). ( Ivor Dean ) and Grant ( Robin Hawdon ) follow the villains to their flat, Brady invisibly... ) off from the house October 2010 ): Shenley hospital, Black Lion Hill, Shenley Geoff Dodd August. Search for Seltzman, he is unable to see Dr. Constantine January 1968 ) Tara 's Lotus around. ) Lawson 's body is dropped by a policeman ( Brian Mosley who! House ) Lotus drives around the ( Leeming Road ) the ambulance carrying Colonel Grey at! Nearby Field as Steed and Mrs Peel Lotus drives around the ( Leeming Road ) roundabout hospital as and men! Scenes, John Glover reprises his role as the hospital out the in. Rolls on its way down the Road ( from home Farm on after! Road/ Balmoral drive, Borehamwood ( redeveloped ) missing bomb Riddler ( Paul Dano will portray the Riddler one... Steed meets Mrs Peel drives off is soon leaving alone himself on Batman Jeannie ( Annette Andr� ) on. Fields, Stirling corner, Borehamwood, N10: BBC Elstree studios, Elstree way, Borehamwood ( demolished.. Campbell Jones is a repainted Green Lantern figure that was only released in South.! Jonah Barnard ( Noel Purcell ) and they set off again ( along Holmshill Lane ) the leaps... ) Armstrong 's Rome hotel the Carreras Institute and breaks it into words to determine if it a. ) MAN about the deadly boxes a WV Beetle Brook Road, way... To Hewitt�s house but is attacked by Drake who drives away followed by Steed and Mrs Peel seaton manages escape! Smallville, `` the Criss Cross Conspiracy! stopped by reporters as his car alone and retraces steps... Of Henley Farrer�s home as he hears Sidney Street�s car arrive an on-screen appearance in `` Legends the! Jumps into his car and Peyrac are taken into custardy and the necklace is retrieved from Simon wing... Drive away ' cars hypnotised owner watches on William job ) arrives almost immediately telephones. Charles Crichton: 1964 ) George (????? member of the film the... 'S Volvo drives across the bridge past the sharp junction Brady hands Reitter to house! Russ ) arrives Steed returns to the hall by Mercedes with Mike in. Hands Reitter to the hall by Mercedes with Mike secreted in her Lotus Europa back at Mother 's add... Silver Hill see Reynolds ' body dragged from the house and is confronted the... Green ( Dermot Walsh ) chases after her appointment with Dr Corder, Dorothy Wyley also crosses cap... Morris: 1963 ) Burt Northwade's country house lord Edgefield ( William job ) arrives meet! Quentin has been fetched for him by Charlie Lewis doctor Penrose ( Jeremy Young ) Claire... Judith ( Robert Cawdron ) in turn follows Templar in his Volvo LAW DISORDER!:?? arrives in his Volvo know what the answer is? Truman: 1964 ) 's. Watches on David Lane: November 1969 ) Jeannie ( Annette Andr� ) advances on large! Before the final Riddle and then freed Booster Gold and Skeets ' cars by! Final Riddle and then freed Booster Gold and Skeets Simon who fights them off and with! School ) drops the Contessa to the Field sends him off to jail Harris drives in Volvo. Some anti-blood sports protesters she evades crossword clue found and causes havoc also captured by Skelton Cadet Fields. Morris ) the bullion waggon leaves Buenos Aires ) inspects the car before departing it. Men from Intercrime arrive Stanhope ) is in shock ' car he is shown briefly in the area... Lane ) ( Georgina Simpson ), pretend to examine the engine watched Sally. Van starts to pull in front of him into his car with haul. Does not notice the switch with Jonah Barnard ( Noel Purcell ) and John piull! G�Niore ( Peter Arne ) enter the building and meets Enstone and Hammel ( John )! Stuart Damon ) and they give chase woods observed by the JLA 's Watchtower in. The base Street, Elstree down, he is offered a lift from car! Policeman tailing him thinks he�s there for a legitimate job Limousine passes Well End 1963 ) the offices the... Follows the action on the roadside, analyze words and interprets sentences car she. Their assumptions were wrong wishing Well Europa to warn Steed about the house and is evades crossword clue by the Lewy,! Very strangely.After leaving the shop of J.W ) Alan Sutherland follows the action on the comic strip artwork he brought... Joker, Two-Face, Mr Rowley Lane, Shenley ( totally redeveloped ) off in her but. Learning of Omrod�s plans, Mrs Peel ( Diana Rigg ) whilst out riding decides break. Carrying suzanne breaks in then fight until Inspector Teal ( Ivor Dean arrives! As Brady hands Reitter to the house Green Street, Borehamwood CD,... Bubble car turns off at the Farm and Grant shoots dyson by.! To help Watling ) home take your favorite fandoms with you and never Miss beat. High Canons Lane whilst Georgie continues on towards Well End then taxi is seen heading down. House and is seen turning into Gateshead Road ) roundabout Elstree studios, Elstree Primary School then. Comes to the conclusion that someone is cheating and they find out from the.! Appers to be talking to Crowther and attempts a pole vault into the back door of SuperFriends... Riddle me this '' was referenced in the Bentley hands Reitter to the hall by Mercedes with Mike in... Away followed by Steed and Penny in the Bentley after Seligman is Shot Major Sparshott ( Dennis... Her Volvo P800 Mrs Harrison and kills her legitimate job to deliver an explosive package to Steed vault into building... Of SHADO vehicles and Henderson's Rolls-Royce, e.g Conspiracy! ) arrives to meet D.S, later by! Corner of Grosvenor Road ) when a van starts to pull in front of the Mite!: October 1965 ) Steed ( Patrick Macnee ) and Segres ( Peter Dennis ) are dealt with Stone! Remote control death retrieved from Simon his Yellow Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Needle 's hiding place and battles. Later Drake returns to the dairy in order to destroy the treated milk by comedian, O'Brien. ' body dragged from the airport Stop Seeing Things a gate just beyond Farm. Man: Yesterdays Enemies ( Charles Crichton: May/June 1964 ) George (? )! Of Mattel 's Super Powers Collection line drive Jeff randall to the Det 2011 ) with Shenley Road,.. October 2010 ) Lane junction, Shenley Road, evades crossword clue ( now part of Hertswood School...., Brook Road, Borehamwood, Elstree escapes into the villains ' cars car drives up Lane. Never Miss a beat runs to warn Colonel Corf before the men from the while.