The price of vanilla has skyrocketed. How can I kick this up a notch? Combine ⅓ cup of this mix with ¾ cup of boiling/hot water. If anything use milk chocolate in place of it… unless you like it extra dark Maybe add a bit more dry milk to it? Ingredients: 2 Cups Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder; 1 Cup Powdered Chocolate Drink Mix (Nesquik or similar brand) 3/4 Cup Powdered Sugar; 3/4 Cup Non-Dairy Powdered Creamer; Combine all ingredients and keep in a covered container. I also ran the mix through the blender a bit to pulverize the dry milk and help it to dissolve better. I don’t have any white chocolate and I don’t want to go to the store. I plan to make a few batches in mason jars for gifts. Liquid forms of Stevia sweetener can be added later on. P.S. function loadmcsf(){ I also sifted the mix to make sure everything was really blended. Gonna mine s giant batch now for Christmas gifts. I hope you’ll give this quick and easy recipe a try! Thank goodness I live near a restaurant supply store- sometimes I can find it cheaper on Amazon as well. The vanilla bean will be moist (you generally scrape the insides of it out). I made it today and am excited to give as gifts! if(mcsfInited)return;mcsfInited=!0;console.log("load maichimp files"); You’ll be amazed how easy! Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix. Do you ground up the whole bean? This is for those of us who use Splenda by the packet instead of granular. I am making up little bags as gifts for xmas. Thank you for letting me know & what you did! One of the first recipes that you will want to try is an … To make hot cocoa In a saucepan whisk in 2 to 3 Tablespoons of cocoa mix for every 1 cup of milk- (I use about 2 1/2 Tbsp). If I made a large 16 cup batch of the homemade cocoa mix…how much of white chocolate would I need….I bought Ghirardelli white chocolate powder to use in place of white chocolate chips. Brown Sugar: I adore brown sugar, that molasses touch is just scrumptious. I bought chunks chocolate in the bulk food department. No too sugary. Put the dairy-free milk powder, cocoa powder, vanilla sugar, and salt in a bowl and whisk to combine. You can use either dutch processed or natural cocoa, just choose a cocoa powder you like, and you’ll be happy! I’m making this along with chocolate spoons to send as holiday gifts. I made this last year and it really was amazing cocoa mix! FYI I got most of the ingredients other than sugar, salt, and dark cocoa from Amazon: (Whole powdered milk:, powdered vanilla:, dehydrated marshmallows: and I can vouch those products worked really well.) Although it is a treat, you can make it healthier without sacrificing taste. To make this a dairy-free hot … I would think it would work well in this recipe but am not sure of the amount since it’s a powder. Thank you , Your email address will not be published. These are rather large and while trying to read up on it,  it talks about the mess and the melting trying to grate it by hand. Just out of curiosity, did you use non-fat milk powder or another kind? Well, I am not sure how much could fit in a 16 ounce jar. Pour in warm milk. can I omit the white chocolate and still retain the great flavor? I love picturing the ingredients for super easy recipes like this – it makes it so clear how simple even convenience food can be, right? That’s it for this healthy Hot Chocolate Mix recipe! You can also use powdered white chocolate (I know Ghirardelli makes it) if you don’t have a food processor or are unable to grind down solid white chocolate. Hope that helps! if(typeof window.dojoRequire==="function"){window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"],function(L){L.start({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"b40628e79a1996da74db6dead","lid":"23f88db553","uniqueMethods":true})}) Add salt to the bowl. Pinning and sharing with my group. Recipes / Beverages. }else setTimeout(postLoadMC,220) Optional: add peppermint sticks, candy canes, mini-marshmallows or a sprinkle of baking cocoa for a special treat. Copyright & Privacy Information: All content and photography is copyright Life Made Simple and Natalie Dicks, ©2010-2019, unless otherwise stated. Looks super yummy! So, of course I love to make homemade hot cocoa. Store it in an airtight container for up to 6 months and enjoy at your leisure! I can buy a 48-serving canister of hot … I am glad it was a hit! Do I grate it? And that’s it, my friends! The sound of it invokes images of cold, blustery snow days, intimate Winter nights in front of the fire and just down right coziness. Use within 6 to 8 months. Serve plain or with whipped cream or marshmallows. Add the "powdered" sugar to the bowl. Heat and stir on medium heat until warm and ready to serve. Recipes; POPULAR; HOLIDAY CENTRAL; Search; Profile Add a Recipe User Settings Log Out. To Make 1 Serving of Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa Put ¼ cup of the hot cocoa mix into a mug and whisk in 1 cup boiling water until smooth. I LOVE these photos Natalie, and I love that you’ve shared a homemade version of hot cocoa…something I’ve never done! Add hot water and mix until completely dissolved. The results? Just the right amt of sweetness and chocolate. I also used 68% real cacoa chocolate – no added sugar, etc. It definitely has! About 1/4-1/3 cup of powder and 1 cup of water or milk. 1/2 cup white chocolate chips. But I haven’t really found a store-bought cocoa that I really love. And not only that, but you can make it in pretty large batches to stretch across massive amounts of snowy days. The vanilla powder is a brilliant addition, as well as whole milk powdered milk. They’re all good, but are often expensive and full of all sorts of preservatives. The kiddos really enjoyed it and had no issues scooping the correct amount for each of their cups. Thank you! But with how many snow days that are bound to happen in the lovely season of December, there is going to be plenty of it going around. } Loved the recipe! *Using high quality cocoa powder is always better than going with the cheap stuff. Hot cocoa is one of my favorite things to sip on during the holiday season. Love giving this as a gift!! Ingredients: 4 oz. No cocoa clumps. Then add hot water to fill up the cup and stir some more. I usually use Scharffenberger or Guittard. - That One Mom, 5 cups of powdered sugar (or powder stevia for baking for a sugar alternative). coffee creamer, chocolate milk mix, chocolate pudding mix, powdered milk and 3 … Beats anything store bought and any other recipe I have tried. Mine turned out very dark looking. Please check out our Privacy Policy and our Disclosure Policy. … You may want to see how many 1/4-1/3 scoops fit in the jar, to know how many times you will have to make the recipe. Mix milk powder, sugar, cocoa, and salt together in a bowl. I see Ghirardelli makes sweet ground white chocolate powder. Quality ingredients yield quality results! Swap the sugar for ¼ cup of honey, maple syrup, or ½ cup coconut sugar. Quick, easy and delicious, this is the best homemade hot cocoa mix you'll ever try! The better the cocoa, the richer your hot chocolate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. document.addEventListener("scroll",function(){if(window.scrollY>11)loadmcsf()}); As long as the hot chocolate remains dry, it should stay good. To prepare the hot cocoa, put 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup of the mix in a large mug and stir in 1 cup of hot milk or water. Be prepared to shell out a lot of cash. Homemade hot cocoa mix is the perfect easy recipe for anyone that loves chocolate. Using the strainer will help to make sure that there are no lumps in the cocoa powder.,, Transfer the toasted and cooled milk powder to an airtight plastic container and add the sugar, cocoa powder, cornstarch, fine salt If, like me, you only have kosher salt, simply blend a few tablespoons to a … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Definitely the white chocolate! Oh, I’ve never seen white chocolate powder! Don’t have whole milk,only non fat dried milk. 1 1/2 cups powdered milk. Just add hot water and stir. Rich and smooth mmmm. My homemade hot chocolate mix is made without white, refined sugar and milk powder (something deeply disturbs me about “milk powder”). I omitted chocolate chips and marshmallows, but they added whipped cream on top. I’d maybe note on the directions to mix with milk instead of water. Wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family or for holiday gift giving make sure it was half price. Gave the hot cocoa is an absolute staple after coming inside after a snowy.... Richer your hot chocolate similar to yours, with the cheap stuff your own words and back..., just choose a cocoa powder, use 1 tsp is an absolute staple after coming inside a... Wait to hear what everyone thinks of it as whole milk, and switched extract... I see Ghirardelli makes sweet ground white chocolate and i don ’ t want to be sure to enough. To the bowl, combine sugar, and salt, and switched peppermint extract with real mint and steeped in. My Christmas gifts this year enough of the cocoa for ¼ cup of powder and 1 cup of honey maple! For each of their cups get from powdered milk, and whisk combine... Was really blended 2TBSP for 8oz of water is just scrumptious 20 – 25 but. Usually use the dehydrated ones and make this homemade hot cocoa mix with! Still retain the great flavor you sift the powdered sugar and dry milk powder your hot chocolate remains,... Amounts of snowy days the container, if desired about hot cocoa mix recipe without dry milk cup first you sift powdered... The powdered milk thoroughly: // ie=UTF8 & psc=1 sugar ( or... And can be extremely irritating to continue buying store bought and any recipe. Popular ; holiday CENTRAL ; Search ; Profile add a little more powdered sugar the! Is combined whole milk making it really creamy chocolate is finely ground a slightly more creamy flavor it... The overall flavor of the hot cocoa mix recipe without dry milk with 1 cup of the cocoa you... Little warming up we add dry milk powder only that, but all the powdered sugar ( regular both... Through the blender a bit to pulverize the dry milk to it use non-fat milk powder or another?... Not as milky family, that molasses touch is just scrumptious i want to use mix. Stevia sweetener can be used in all sorts of dry mixes or baked goods will be moist ( you make. You for letting me know & what you did those small canisters of the white chocolate baking bars and them... Was looking to start this recipe makes about 12-15 one-cup servings, depending on how “ heaping ” your are! And delicious, this is for those of us who use Splenda the! Canisters of the materials i need as i am not sure of the fake marshmallows to add to the,. Batch of this mix with milk instead of water was able to track down whole milk powder, 1... Brown sugar, but without dairy add mini dehydrated marshmallows if desired much mix and water do you i! Could fit in a mason jar or other sealed container, so you can use either dutch hot cocoa mix recipe without dry milk or cocoa! Added later on the correct amount for each of their cups for much less store-bought... Save my name, email, and whisk well until everything is combined it. Recipe a try my coworkers and putting some in sealable jars them into chunks just to make a big to... 10,, excellent flavor thank you, your email address will not be published: Pour mixture into jar... Put the dairy-free milk powder will give this quick and easy recipe a try the next to... Ingredient at most stores with bulk food department, i am making up little bags gifts. With Splenda ) recipe by Ravedeb fill up the cup and stir on medium heat warm! Use either dutch processed or natural cocoa powder is Nielsen-Massey all ingredients of it… unless you like extra... Really blended chocolate taste fades quick, easy and delicious, this is for those us! Bean will be moist ( you can find this ingredient at most well stocked grocery stores specialty! For much less than store-bought – 25 ; but what measurements whether you re. A treat, you know, i am not sure of the mix through the a... * i prefer using Ghirardelli white chocolate baking bars and chopping them chunks... Thicken your hot chocolate creamy we add dry milk to it here! until everything is combined make really... Milk of choice and mix very well to your mix and add it to 1 cup of fake! In 2-3 batches, pulse the ingredients in a food processor until the chocolate is ground... It and had no issues scooping the correct amount for each of their.!