once you passed the panel review, you schedule the exam in one of the Prometrics test centers nearest to you Finally, take the quiz (you have 4 hours to complete it) and, hopefully, pass it You must pass a sequence of evaluations to obtain the PfMP certification. The panel review process begins once the audit is completed (if your application is selected) and the certification payment is received. To protect against any potential review bias, PMI will ensure that your identity will not be known to the panel reviewers. Many professionals while preparing the Application, are still not aware of PMI's program management methodology and hence it is likely that their response doesn't closely follow PMI's methodology yet. We will review your PfMP application and ensure that your application pass the PMI PfMP application process (including panel review) … Your identity information is not provided to the Panel to achieve unbiased outcome. Portfolio Management (PfMP) Exam Prep | PMI Live www.pmi.org To earn your PfMP credential, you need to meet the experience requirements and pass both the panel review and PfMP examination, a 170-question, multiple-choice exam. Congratulations Mohamed on Achieving PgMP..!. Hence, chances of Panel Review failure increases. Congratulations Sandra on Achieving PgMP..! This review panel consists of individuals from around the world who, through an application process, have been identified as subject matter experts in portfolio management and have been trained and calibrated to assess your answers to the Portfolio Management Experience Summaries. PgMP ® Panel Review